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Civil works under SSA are being executed through community participation at all the sites. The experiences of the DPEP i.e. cost-effective designs using local materials and technologies, alternative designs, child friendly elements, solar passive design features are being shared. The VEC manual devised at SPO for the execution of civil works through community participation has been disseminated to all the districts. This further has been distributed at the school level. In addition to this, BaLA features are also being provided to the elementary schools. The civil wing at SPO is facilitating the following;

·  Replication/ improvement of the designs for schoolroom construction under SSA using low cost technologies and local materials.

·  Preparation of design, drawing and estimates of BRC buildings under SSA and disseminating to the field for execution.

·  Estimation and execution of minor works.

·  In-house coordination with the other wings for the implementation of SSA.

·  Convergence with Irrigation and Public Health Department for providing toilets and water supply in the schools.

·  Sharing of the book titled "Building as Learning Aid" (BALA) with the districts and incorporating the features enumerated in the book to make school more child friendly.

·  Making schools more colourful incorporating child friendly elements and BaLA features.

·  Monthly meetings, monitoring and to convey the instructions of Authorities for the implementation of civil works being carried out in the State under SSA.

·  Correspondence with MHRD, Ed. CIL., districts, GOI, GOHP, public representations, etc.

·  Preparation of drawing, design and estimate for the newly upgraded middle schools to be constructed by Directorate of Elementary Education, H.P.

·  Execution of Kitchen Sheds - cum- Stores under Mid Day Meal Scheme.

·   Execution of repair works of Elementary Education also being under taken.

·   Execution of civil works being allocated by BRC at the field level.

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